4 Powerful ways to generate Instagram Content Ideas

If you’re a business owner or a freelancer, you need awesome Instagram content ideas to reach out to potential clients. Today, rock-solid content is central to any instagram marketing strategy.

I say this because the organic reach on Instagram is slowly dying, and the only thing that can win today is great content.

If you’ve created a new instagram account and are clueless on how to create content that works on this platform, you dont need to look any further.

This follow-along article explains four powerful ways to generate Instagram Content Ideas that help you create a strong online business!

Why focus on Instagram Content?

Your profile will always remain the heart of your instagram marketing strategy, be it shoutouts, paid ads, collaborations, or anything.

A content-rich profile that catches attention and keeps people hooked will increase the likelihood of visitors converting into prospects and customers.

With the fast dwindling organic reach on Instagram, content quality and aesthetics should be “the focus”. 

How to find Instagram content ideas?

1) The Mega influencers:

the mega influencers, mega trend setters in the industry on instagram

These are accounts with millions of followers and a long history of successful content strategy.

They spend millions of dollars into their content creation through dedicated and professional creators.

So as a new business owner, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. You can follow these accounts and look for beautiful content ideas right in their feeds!

examples of mega trend setters and influencers - nike coca cola the ellen show apple starbucks askvaibhav.com laptop lifestyle lab

Suggested Accounts to follow: Nike, The Ellen Show, NatGeo, Apple, Starbucks, Gucci, Versace, Audi

Aim to follow at least 10 of these mega influencers to find great content ideas. Look at their colour theme, size of the post, type of the post (text, audio, video, screenshot, carousel, repost from a user etc) and many other things.

Keep a notebook handy and make a list of content that you like. Alternatively, you may choose to save these posts for ready references later.

2) Your competitors (in your local market):

local competitors laptop lifestyle lab askvaibhav.com

A brick and mortar business or an online business, we all have other companies competing with us.

So once you have grabbed content ideas from the mega influencers, your existing competitors are your other haven. 

If your competitors are already online, likely, they are already doing something that’s working for them.

So for, e.g. you’re a Dentist in Mumbai and are looking for content ideas for your instagram. 

You will need to identify who are your competitors in the local area (dentists working close to your physical location).  If you don’t know that, a quick google search will give you 5-6 names.

Go to the Instagram search bar and find them individually to see their content. You will have a clear idea of what kind of Instagram profiles are being maintained by them, who is engaging in their posts and how good are they doing.

Specifically look for content that you like or content that gets a lot of engagement (likes, comments shares, etc.). 

As a new business, the only type of content that you should be creating is one that you like, and the one that people (the audience) love.

3) The Influencers in your niche:

look at the influencers in your niche laptop lifestyle lab askvaibhav.com

Goto Instagram search bar and type any keyword specific to your niche. I am into the online entrepreneurship niche so I have taken the example of “make money online”.

make money online laptop lifestyle lab

By doing this, you will see profiles of other people/businesses in your niche. Goto these profiles and identify content opportunities there. The rules are the same; see what you like and see what the audience is loving. That’s it.

4) Trending hashtags in your niche:

look at popular hashtags in your niche laptop lifestyle lab askvaibhav.com

When you use the instagram search bar to search for keywords, you will notice the “tags” tab as well.

entrepreneurship askvaibhav.com laptop lifestyle lab

Using this option will give you a list of popular and commonly used hashtags in your industry.

You will open up an ocean of content ideas if you click on these hashtags (because other profiles are using these tags in their content).

loads of content ideas askvaibhav.com laptop lifestyle lab

The whole intention of this exercise is not to waste time trying to re-think the process. We want to find content that’s already working in your niche and “model” it (not copy it).

By modelling, I mean getting inspiration from it and then adding your creativity and taste to make it unique.

By following this process, you are likely to create content that people like and boost your business/sales online!

This process of finding content ideas shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours!

Happy Instagramming!

Love, Vaibhav

(Vaibhav is a freelance writer and creator of Laptop Lifestyle Lab. He writes about fitness, dentistry and digital marketing. You can get in touch with him at [email protected])

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