A few years can make a Big Difference

Hi, I am Vaibhav, a Dental Surgeon turned Performance Marketer.

My mission is to empower Entrepreneurs and DTC Businesses by helping them find and retain high-value customers, transforming them into true fans.

6 Years back, I had no sales or marketing experience. I didn’t even have a tech background!

It was just a passion for learning, an obsession with all things digital and a determination to explore new avenues.

In 2017, I stumbled upon a blog that made me curious about digital marketing. Diving deeper, I attended a Social Media Workshop where I was introduced to Facebook Ads.

All this got me hooked.

Over the next five years, I explored and perfected digital marketing horizontally. I successfully executed projects in Facebook Ads, eCommerce, Social Media, and Personal Branding spaces.

After Lockdown, I started focusing more on the E-commerce and DTC Marketing Space and I am enjoying this journey thoroughly.

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